We run a flexible internship based on your time frame and experience level. The difference with our internship is that we are a working dive shop with customers. Our training is based on real world experience with real world logistics and situations. This in our opinion is the best way to train for a career in scuba. We not only take you through the divemaster course from any level but we train you and give you practical experience in the scuba industry so when you qualify as a DM your instantly employable.
If you have been researching becoming a PADI divemaster then you have no doubt seen hundreds of free internships being offered online. As my grandmother used to say “there is always free cheese inside the rat trap”. The “free” internship trap is not free, you end up paying a huge amount in fee’s and then your contracted to work for free and sometimes you don’t even get the training or the dives.
We at SCUBA MASTER don’t agree with this system. We offer a paid internship course. Our course is inclusive. All the fees are calculated in the cost including your crew packs and PADI fees and your stay as well. Your not contracted to us ,we are providing you with a service and you are our guest. Therefore we want you to get the best.


The simple answer is anyone. We will train you from your level. If you have zero dives or you are an advanced diver we will cater your internship to you and your level. We will mentor you and train you to the highest standard so that when you leave us people will know you are a SCUBA MASTER divemaster.


Full PADI divemaster course from your level be it no dives to experienced diverDive center logisticsCustomer care and salesMarine conservation techniquesDive center marketing and social media contentBoat skippering skills and surface navigationScuba kit maintenance and careCompressor use and tank filling.


Unlike other dive centre’s our internship programme is a paid course. In other words you will be our guest and client therefore your satisfaction and the quality of your training will be to the highest standard. The Catch with free internship programmes is that they contract you for a specific amount of time during which During your time with us you will learn to be a dive guide and teaching assistant. Also we teach you how to maintain the diving equipment and obviously lots and lots of diving ! Throughout your internship our Team will be on hand to ensure you will have a great time and give you loads of assistance.
All diving is FREE for the whole duration you are with us, that’s right UNLIMITED DIVING, some of our interns manage over 100 dives!On staff we have a PADI Master Instructor, PADI Staff Instructor and PADI Divemaster’s, who are all there to ensure your Divemaster internship runs smoothly, and that you make the best of all of the opportunities that are presented to you.
The majority of our PADI Divemaster’s have gone on to use the qualification for employment in some form or for continuing their education.