WHAT IS SAC AND RMV ? July 24, 2017


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SAC ( Surface Air consumption) and RMV (Respiratory Minute Volume Rate) is the rate /speed at which a diver consume his air [...]
Diving the Incredible Fujairah July 22, 2017

Diving the Incredible Fujairah

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) – especially Dubai – is well known as a shopping destination, rather than a diving destination. However, [...]
Proper dive planning June 29, 2017

Proper dive planning

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A well planned dive can make a difference , so creating a check list and following proper steps can ensure safety and [...]
Why wreck diving is challenging June 28, 2017

Why wreck diving is challenging

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Shipwrecks feel magical whether purposely sunk as an artificial reef or lost as the result of an accident. Wrecks are fascinating windows […]