Welcome To Scuba Master

It is our goal at scuba master to give you the best diving experience in the UAE. We aim to be the best when it comes to safety, training and logistics. Customer service and care is what we are about. We want you to enjoy your experience and come back for more.

Scuba Master timeline

The Master Internship on three steps

Im new to Scuba Become a PADI diver

Step 1
Start Scuba Diving
Try out our DSD program if your not sure about Scuba or you can’t commit to a full open-water diving course. A DSD is perfect for you. Comprising three segments. Knowledge reviews, confined water sessions and finally an open water session
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Im Certified padi diver, go advance

Step 2
Fantastic more skills to learn and enjoy. wreck diving, night diving or photography are just of few of many available for the advanced diver course. the choice is yours
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Get more confident , sharpen and improve your skills and education continuity

Step 3
The PADI rescue Course is rewarding and fun. this course will expand your knowledge and experience enhancing your confidence and skills even further. There is nothing more rewarding than having the attitude, skills and a plan when saving a life is needed.
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Go Pro, become Dive master

Final Step
Take the first step in your dive career and become a PADI dive master. Working closely with our PADI instructors, will expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills and develop Leadership abilities by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors in the field. click here for more